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Pilot training
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Pilot training for the Commodity Logistics Software (CLS) and Commercial Agent (CAG) in X3:

-The Training

Introduction: This tutorial is for training pilots to "Freight Level Pilot" for CLS and CAG.

The pilots from both scripts in the
bonuspack are working in 6 levels, every level will give the pilot more capabilities.

Also they are using the same level system. The idea of this tutorial is to train pilots with CLS MK2. Once the pilots have reached the highest level, they can fly as CLS or CAG with all available capabilities.

Requirements: Instead of the Planktom L in the list, you can take any station with small cargo product and fast production in L size.

The Training: The pilot on Ship-1 will self-supply jump-energy and load 1 Plankton on Complex-A, then fly/jump to Complex-B to unload the 1 Plankton in endless loop.

-Assign Complex-A as homebase
-CLS add interm. stopps: 0, Complex-A, Complex-A, <anything>, 0, 0 (load jump energy)
-CLS add interm. stopps: 0, Complex-A, Complex-A, Plankton, 0, 1 (load 1 Plankton)
-CLS add interm. stopps: 0, Complex-B, Complex-B, Plankton, 0, -1 (unload 1 Plankton)

Assign Homebase:

Additional Ship Commands -> CLS add/change intermediate stopps:

Then start the external CLS in the trading menu of the ship and wait several in-game hours. Once the pilot has reached the level "Freight Pilot" and is using jump drives, the training is finished.

Delete the homebase in the "Additional Ship Commands", and delete the CLS waypoints with "CLS: Configure interm stopps" -> 1,0,0. Now you have a trained pilot for any CLS or CAG task.

* You can train many ships together, for example 10 TS by using an Argon complex hub with 10 docking ports.
* In the neighbourhood of Complex-A you should have a Mosquito and a Drone factory.
* In the manual of the CLS you can read where you can get trained pilots up to level 3.