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ende Egosoft
ende Egosoft Forum

Helpfull topics in the Egosoft forum:
en Overview (en)
en HQ Construction chart
en ComplexCalculations
en Factory Complex Calculator
de Overview (de)
de X3 Datasheet
de Complex Tester
de Sector Auction FAQ

Sites with overview of ships, map, walkthrough, faq, etc:
en Argonopedia
en Respawn.co.uk - many usefull guides
ende 2x-pensive.de - guides and FAQ
ende x3-reunion.at (english) - X3 Database - all around X3-Reunion
de Seizewell - a very popular site with maps, datasheets and tutorials
de Komplexbau Gilde [KBG] - building complex? start here
de x-lexikon.xibo.at - a wiki about all X themes
de xfans.de - a fan site with guides, media and forum
de x2map.sylver-online.de - a site with X2 database

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