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X3 Savegames
Spoiler Warning
This is a collection of savegames for the game X3 Reunion: To play this savegame:
  • Make sure your X3 installation is patched with the patch 2.0.02 and bonuspack 3.1.05.

  • Backup your existing savegames. They are usually here:
    "C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\My Documents\Egosoft\X3\save\".
    If you don't have a such folder, search your drive for "Egosoft" or "X00.sav".

  • Download the savegame below, (extract the zip,) rename the .sav file to a number you prefer from "X00.sav" to "X19.sav", which will be the one of 20 savegames displayed in the game.

  • Store this file into the savegame folder.

  • Start the game and load the savegame.

  • If you play with patch > Remove the Video Enhancement from ships running CLS/CAG! Otherwise the ships won't jump. This has been changed in the new patch.

There are videoclips with mission briefing and story background available in the X3 installation folder under "\MOV\". These files are simple MPEG1 video you can watch with any player. Some saves in the list tells you the videoclip filename belonging to each savegame.

Show Pictures Download Description, [videoclip] - [Playtime, Credits]
Begin of the story
sav zip
[08301.dat] - [0-00:05, 5000]
1: Game Start
This is the beginning of the game & story, an introduction flight on the way to the Goner Temple in Cloudbase SW. Fly to the sector Home of Light and lead the gamma patrol.

sav zip
[0-00:36, 4748]
2: Crystal Transport
After the patrol training, your first mission is to protect the ship with the crystal on board during the transport.

sav zip
[08302.dat] - [0-01:42, 7248]
3: Contact Don
The crystal has been stolen, now you have to recover it. Fly to Farnhams Legend and contact Don at the Marauder.

Note: Several sectors are explored, also captured & sold some pirate ships and switched the player's ship to a pirate M3 Falcon. If you want to stick with the story's ship, use the Buster docked at the shipyard in Argon Prime. Additionally there are 2 Universal Traders (UT).

sav zip
[08401.dat] - [2-11:35, 1,0M]
4: Find Thomus
Your task is to find Thomus. Open the station comm and talk to Noah. Follow the instruction and fly to the trading station.

sav zip
[2-11:44, 1,0M]
5: The Race
Win the race to find out where Thomus is.

Note: This mission is a complete disaster. The blue waypoints are too dark, you need to play in a total dark room on a display with full brightness. This mission should have been removed with the first patch.

sav zip
[2-12:20, 1,0M]
6: Solitas
This is a save right after the race jumping back to Ore Belt. Find Solitas at east gate.

sav zip
[2-12:31, 1,0M]
7: Nividium Convoy
Escort the TerraCorp Nividium convoy. Contact Ban Danna at Argon One for mission briefing.

sav zip
[2-12:59, 1,3M]
8: Spy Drone
Fly to Ocracoke's Storm and investigate the asteroid.

sav zip
[08403.dat, 08040.dat] - [2-13:27, 1,4M]
9: Don's Daughter
Find Don's daughter, fly to trading station in Thuruk's Pride and search for a BBS message from Miria Marani.

Notice: UT are now operating as sector trader in Argon sector to avoid the Paranids.

sav zip
[2-14:00, 1,5M]
10: Pleasure Complex
You are in the near of the pleasure complex. Wait in distance until Saya is captured and rescue her together with Miria.

sav zip
[08501.dat] - [2-17:25, 2,6M]
11: 3 Crystals
You have successfully rescued Miria and now on the way to recover the 3 crystals. Contact Miria at Marauder and pick one of the three crystal missions.

sav zip
[2-28:28, 2,6M]
12: Xenon Crystal
Fly to the Xenon Sector 101 and recover the crystal in the M0 wrack. You must approach to southern gate in Napileos Memorial to trigger the story.

sav zip
[2-17:58, 2,6M]
13: Yaki Crystal
Fly to Olmancketslat's Treaty and listen to Miria.

sav zip
[2-18:26, 2,6M]
14: Paranid Crystal
Fly to Emperor Mines and follow Saya's instruction.

sav zip
[2-10:54, 3,3M]
15: Find Ion
Crystals have been recovered. Now dock at the Goner Temple and talk to Noah to find Ion.

sav zip
[08601.dat] - [2-21:53, 3,4M]
16: Ore Mine
Dock at the trading station in Emperor Mines and search for person who can build the mine. Once it's build, fill the mine with full energy to continue the story.

sav zip
[08701.dat] - [2-22:58, 2,3M]
17: Find Kyle
Kyle has woke up while a Khaak attack and escaped with a ship, you have to find him. Fly back to Emperor Mines and contact Soya.

Note: Another broken mission in the tunnel sequence. Speed control, HUD, brightness, tunnel entry, everything are broken - a real pain in the ass to play. And nothing has been fixed in the patches so far. Whoever coded these unplayable missions, please don't do the same mistake in the next X games.

sav zip
[3-01:08, 2,2M]
18: Nividium Fabs
Nividium is the key of the Khaak attacks. Wait a while until the mission ship is ready, then fly to the Paranids and search for Nividium fabs.

sav zip
[08703.dat] - [3-02:21, 2,4M]
19: The Accusation
Fly back to Argon Prime to report about the Fabs. But while you were away, you have been charged for a crime.

sav zip
[08071.dat] - [3-02:43, -]
20: Event Horizon
The Paranid ships have escaped to Heretic's End. Follow them and prepare for the final mission.

End of the story, free phase starts
sav zip
[08080.dat] - [3-03:20, 2,4M]
21: Free Phase #1
This is the save right after the story ends, the beginning of the so called free/endless phase. Feel free to explore the universe, play BBS missions and build an economy empire. Once earned enough credits (30 million+), join the Bala Gi Research Missions. With up to 1 billion, you can buy an own sector.

Economy: 4 ships, 2 UT

sav zip
[5-12:21, 11M]
22: Universe explored
Almost all sectors and asteroid are explored as far found with the explorer extension. Advanced satellite is deployed in most sectors. In the meanwhile the invitation for the Bala Gi Missions has arrived, once if you have an M6 (recommended) and at least 30 million credits, dock at the shipyard in Kingdom End.

Economy: 14 ships, 10 UT and some in training

sav zip
[24-21:17, 890M]
23: Complex built
A commercial empire has been established: 3 sectors with complexes, run by Commodity Logistics Software (CLS) and Commercial Agent (CA). The Sector auction has been delayed by not reading BBS for long time. To start this, just visit any station and read the BBS - a Teladi trading station should spawn in the unknown sector between Montalar and New Income. *But hurry*, you can join the auction only until the in-game midnight of this save (~3h in-game left).

Economy: 3 sectors with complexes, 50 ships, 10 UT

Sector Auction
sav zip
[25-00:03, 305M]
24: Auction started
First bid paid: 615 million credits.

sav zip
[25-00:41, 111M]
25: Auction won
Now just dock at the trading station in Avarice and choose a name.

Bala Gi Research Missions (read the message log for mission briefing)
sav zip
[25-00:48, 312M]
26: Starting the first mission
Dock at the shipyard in Kingdom End for the mission briefing and fly to Rolk's Fate for the investigation.

sav zip
[25-00:57, 314M]
27: Blueprints
Bring the blueprints to the specified shipyards.

sav zip
[25-01:08, 316M]
28: Find the M7
To find the M7, you need to do some favours. First, fly to Great Trench and talk to Galala Wo at the equipment dock.

sav zip
[25-01:32, 320M]
29: Escort the transport
To get the location of the M7, you need to escort the crystal transport.

sav zip
[25-01:45, 323M]
30: Recover the M7
Fly to the specified sector and recover the ship with the tractor beam.

sav zip
[25-04:51, 357M]
31: The HQ
Fly back to the shipyard in Kingdom End.

sav zip
[25-08:07, 362M]
32: Bala Gi Missions finished
HQ is in the Mammoth 2, M7 is at the shipyard in Grand Exchange, an Eclipse at the shipyard in Kingdom End.

End of all missions so far with the patch 2.0.02, endless part starts
sav zip
[25-13:17, 379M]
33: Free Phase #2
This is the beginning of the real endless part of the game. An Argon M2 has been bought, now have fun destroying some Khaak M1/M2 in Cloudbase NW and President End.

Economy: 3 sectors with complexes, 45 ships, 10 UT

sav zip
[36-22:12, 1,6B]
34: Where no player has gone before
Final save so far, 4th complex has been built in Cho's Defeat. "Avarice" has been chosen as the sector's name. 5 race ranks have been increased to the maximum. You have access to every ships, factories and wares. The current setup should earn about 250 million credits every in-game day.

Economy: 4 sectors with complexes, 60 ships, 10 UT